Web developers discussing ADA compliance for web design

ADA Compliance for Web Design: Reach a Wider Audience

You may have heard about ADA compliance for web design. You may have even encountered it on a website. But, what you may not know is why it is so important. A study by SEMRUSH and BuiltWith identified 847 sites using accessibility remediation solutions and tracked their traffic before and after implementing these services. On…

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Black woman, business and tablet for new employee in digital marketing startup, advertising company.

Do You Need Digital Marketing?

Whether you’re a new business or haven’t done much in the world of digital marketing, you may wonder if it is right for you. There are a variety of reasons why it is important and how it can help a business thrive. Marketing strategies have existed since businesses have, and a digital age requires digital…

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Web designer working on website.

How Does Web Design Impact Content Marketing?

When deciding on web design, there are a variety of factors to consider. One of the most important is how it impacts your content marketing. Content marketing is key to promoting your brand and driving interest in products or services that you have. Web design is at its best when it allows your content marketing…

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Person responding to their negative Google reviews.

How to Respond to Negative Google Reviews

If you’ve ever had to leave a bad review, you know that a lot of business owners just don’t know how to respond to negative Google reviews. More and more, customers are relying on Google – as well as Yelp, Amazon, and Facebook – to tell them about past customer experiences. And, while they can…

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A woman sitting on her couch blogging

Learn an Easy Way to Scale Your Blogging for SEO Purposes

Let’s face it: blogging for SEO isn’t easy. Unfortunately, if you want to get found online for important keywords, it’s something you’ll have to do. You’ve got a great team. You’ve built a top-notch website. Maybe you’ve even created an ideal content strategy. You’re doing everything right. But, what if you’re just not adept at…

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Woman looking thoughtfully at a computer screen.

Help, I Need a New Website… Where Do I Start?

When business owners say, ‘I need a new website,’ they’re often not sure where to start. In most cases, the realization is preceded by some inciting event. Perhaps a vendor couldn’t find their location online. Or maybe a customer commented on the sad state of their current site. Whatever the cause, they’ve realized that they’ve…

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A keyboard and notepad working out what digital marketing is.

What is Digital Marketing and How Does It Work?

When approached by small businesses, one of the most common questions we receive is, ‘What is digital marketing?’ And, while most business owners have some level of familiarity with the Internet, they aren’t always acquainted with the intimate details. It probably won’t surprise you to hear that, well, the Internet is complicated. You see, online…

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A notepad with the beginning of an Internet marketing strategy.

5 Steps to Creating the Best Internet Marketing Strategy

If you’re a growing business, you’ve probably considered creating an in-depth Internet marketing strategy. By now, you’ve likely worked to build a memorable website your customers love. There’s a good chance you’re running pay-per-click ads, promoting yourself on social media, and driving traffic to your website in your company’s newsletters. Heck, you might even have…

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Man watching a movie for web design inspiration.

Where Do You Find Your Web Design Inspiration?

In initial meetings, our team usually asks clients where they’ve drawn their web design inspiration. What have they seen that they like? What colors, shapes, and design choices work for them? Occasionally, clients arrive with binders, flash drives, and photo albums full of ideas. But, usually, we get blank stares. They’re just not sure where…

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People performing an analysis of web design cost.

5 Ways to Reduce Your Web Design Cost

As a general rule, web design cost is determined by several factors. The final price can be influenced by the number of pages wanted, whether or not content is provided, what features are included, and more. And, just like other major business expenses, companies are often looking for advice on how to keep costs down.…

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Woman working on a website redesign.

How Often Do I Need a Website Redesign?

When we talk with our clients about the age of their sites, a lot of them ask us how often they should consider a website redesign. And, while the answer can vary slightly, a fairly established rule of thumb states that a site should be rebuilt every two to three years. Unfortunately, there are a…

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An online shopper enters their card into an ecommerce web design.

Ecommerce Web Design Practices to Generate More Sales

Before you sell anything online, it’s crucial that you fully understand the current best practices in ecommerce web design. With billions of purchases occurring on the Internet every year, competition for online customers is fierce. Top-selling retailers are always searching for new ways to eke out an advantage. They are relentless. And, because there are…

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Business people holding similar keyword Post-Its

Are Similar Keywords the Same for SEO Purposes?

When developing a new website, we’re often asked a recurring question: are similar keywords the same? For example, are ‘pastries in Kalamazoo,’ ‘Kalamazoo pastries,’ and ‘pastries Kalamazoo’ all considered the same phrase by Google? Well, as with all things related to search engine marketing, the answer isn’t perfectly clear. In recent years, it’s been stated…

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Judge's gavel beside blocks representing ADA accessible websites.

Explore the Advantages of Accessible Websites

As the Internet grows, it becomes increasingly important for companies to design accessible websites. An accessible site is one that is easy to read, browse, and understand by everyone, regardless of their abilities. Whether they’re colorblind, hearing impaired, or unable to use a mouse, individuals with disabilities can struggle to take advantage of all that…

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Mouse on top of money for pay-per-click ads

5 Ways to Make Money With Pay-Per-Click Ads

As a way to drive traffic to your website and generate new leads, pay-per-click ads are a proven method. By allowing you to target individual keywords, these ads direct pre-qualified visitors to your site’s most relevant pages. From there, they can be converted into sales with well-written copy, well-designed imagery, and well-placed action items. Since…

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Clipboard used to create a website

Create a Website Your Customers Will Love

Whether you’re a fledgling company or an established brand, you need to create a website that keeps your customers coming back. With hungry competitors looking to poach your site’s visitors, it’s essential that your website position your company as the go-to source for products, services, and information related to your market. A good website design…

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Designer working to build a website

How Much Does It Cost to Build a Website?

As a leading provider of web design in Kalamazoo, potential clients come to us with a lot of questions. Do you build ecommerce sites? Can you integrate with my point-of-sale system? What content management system do you use? And, of course, the most common: how much does it cost to build a website? While there’s…

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Local search and local business listings

Dominate Local Search by Managing Your Local Business Listings

If you’ve spent any amount of time managing your company’s presence online, you’re familiar with local business listings. Even if the only one you’ve used is Google Business, that’s enough to give you a basic understanding of how these Internet directories work. Collecting all of your company’s information in one spot, directories help customers quickly…

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Hands drawing out a Kalamazoo web design

8 Things to Look For in a Kalamazoo Web Design

As a local business in need of a new website, you likely have a lot of questions about Kalamazoo web design. Working with a team in Kalamazoo means that you have a reliable point of contact, someone you can go to when you need updates, changes, and additions to your site. Additionally, a local agency…

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Man analyzes a symbolic sales chart.

Boost Sales Efficiency With Website Integration

In many ways, your company is defined by the software that it uses. Whether you’re using a custom CRM, an off-the-shelf MIS, a modified ERP, or any of thousands of other software solutions, these technologies allow your company to operate more efficiently. Helping to move customers along your sales pipeline, software empowers your sales team.…

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Marketing Automation Software

How to Generate More Leads Using Your Website

At Creative Marketing Group, one of the most common questions that business owners ask us is how to generate more leads. As a digital marketing agency, our answer is almost always the same: utilize your website to its fullest potential. When it comes down to it, most websites simply aren’t operating at peak efficiency. Whether…

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SEO blocks on craft board

Successful SEO Marketing for Fun and Profit

No digital marketing strategy is complete without a comprehensive SEO marketing plan. In many ways, your website’s performance on Google is determined before its developers write a single line of code. Because, just like building a functional house, building a high-performing website requires careful planning, clear blueprints, and an experienced team. If you’re here for…

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Website Design for Small Businesses in a Nutshell

With so many technological variables in play, website design for small businesses can be daunting. As the Internet evolves to incorporate new technologies, best practices change and newer, more optimized strategies emerge. To get the most out of their websites, business owners need to understand the nuances of search engine optimization, mobile-friendly design, ADA compliance, web…

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Notebook used for planning web design in Kalamazoo

Is Your Company Looking for Web Design in Kalamazoo?

If you’ve been considering web design in Kalamazoo, there’s no better time to start than, well, right now. With companies scrambling to position themselves ahead of their competition, the demand for engaging, high-quality websites has never been higher. And we’re here to tell you: there’s a lot of competition out there! From restaurants looking to…

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Female hands typing on computer keyboard

Cohesive Branding Part 2: Crafting a Consistent Message

A large part of the branding process is deciding on a message and staying consistent with that message. A message includes not only the actual verbiage you use to describe your company and your products/services, but the tone and style of that message. Is your company conservative and traditional? Stay away from slang. Is your company young and cutting edge? Make…

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Okay Google, Let’s Not Get So Personal

The folks at Google have made it known that the search engine personalization is going to show up less in the future. Geographical location still plays a big role, and so does your last search query or two, but aside from that there isn’t much more going on. Search engine personalization was a big focus…

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An artist drawing different brand logos

Cohesive Branding Part 1: Logo Design

Your corporate brand begins with your logo. A strong logo design is the foundation for all of your marketing efforts. An effective logo incorporates these 5 elements of good design: 1. Simple Consumers should be able to glance at your logo and easily describe it. Too much detail will complicate your logo and make it difficult…

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How to Choose a Web Developer

A quick Google search for Kalamazoo web developer yields dozens of results. So, how do you begin the process of choosing the right one for your project? Here are 7 step to take before hiring a web design company. Look at their web site. Is it professional? Does it load quickly? Is the message well…

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Diversifying Your Internet Traffic Sources

Diversifying your internet traffic sources is a key component to improving your online presence. A recent article posted by the American Marketing Association points out some great reasons why you shouldn’t rely on just Search Engine Optimization. Rather than only use SEO for your website traffic, it’s worth looking into how you can diverse you…

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An Advanced Look Into Content Marketing

Content marketing can get very involved and take up a lot of time, but if you pursue it correctly the benefits can be large. Here’s an article from the Moz Blog that outlines an advanced approach to content marketing. Some great tools that you can use to track your progress are also introduced. Check it…

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How to Choose an Un-Hackable Password

This study has some great insight into passwords. Find out how to create a password that can’t be hacked. A lot is known about passwords. Most are short, simple, and pretty easy to crack. But much less is known about the psychological reasons a person chooses a specific password. We’ve analyzed the password choices of…

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Maintain Your Website Like You Maintain Your Home

All homeowners know that if you don’t spend time keeping up with your home repairs and maintenance, things will start to fall apart. The same thing is true for your website. t’s really a function of the Second Law of Thermodynamics. All things change with time and just wear out. Dust collects. And while you might…

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