Logos Express Your Business Identity

Brand development is a key component to the success of any business. An effective brand and unique logo are critical to helping you stand out. Designing new identities are some of the most challenging projects we handle.

Why? Because it’s so significant to the way your organization is perceived by employees, associates, clients/customers and the public. Important factors that go into logo design are color, symbolism, tone/style, typography and relationship to the company’s personality, goals and vision. Logos are the anchor to a business’s branding, and we take that very seriously.

Think of the arrow hidden in the FedEx logo, the golden arches, the simple gray apple with the bite out of it… all of these started somewhere. Likely with a designer, or a team of marketers or one person in their garage trying to decide what they wanted their brand to say.

Notebook used for planning web design in Kalamazoo

Our process usually involves considerable time up front with client meetings, researching competitors, brainstorming, trial sketches and color ideas. We ask the right questions. Such as, what are the key points about your business that your logo should convey? And, where will your logo be displayed? From there we decide how to combine a multitude of factors into the final product. Simplicity, timelessness and versatility are all factors of our design and development process. We also design logos for memorability and for presence.

From there, we present several concepts, and refine one into finished artwork. Your new logo will be scalable to any size and remain sharp. Once the logo artwork is completed, we’ll provide you with electronic files in black & white and color versions, in several different file formats (jpg, pdf, eps, tif, etc.). Additionally we’ll help you with a branding guide, that will determine what assets belong to your logo, what colors are to be used (or not used) and in what sizes and perspectives your logo can be used. This protects your overall identity and ensures your branding stays consistent and cohesive.

Mulder Insulation logo
Alfred E Bike logo
The Prairies Golf Club logo
Atlas Electrical Services, Inc. logo
Zen Squirrel logo
OB-GYN P.C. logo
Koffee Klutch logo
Wheels for Meals logo
R VanDyke logo
West Milham Dental logo
MainStreet Financial logo
Velocity logo