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At Creative Marketing Group, one of the most common questions that business owners ask us is how to generate more leads. As a digital marketing agency, our answer is almost always the same: utilize your website to its fullest potential. When it comes down to it, most websites simply aren’t operating at peak efficiency. Whether they’re lacking in keyword-rich content, missing important action items, or shackled with boring designs, there are a lot of reasons that websites fail to deliver.

But, one of the surest ways to kick your website into gear is to pair it with a marketing automation platform. Marketing automation, also called revenue generation, is software that allows you to more effectively position your company online by automating its marketing tasks. In addition to this, the software is bundled with tools that aim to streamline your marketing activities, including the ability to segment customers, track website activity, manage email campaigns, assign employee tasks, and provide in-depth analyses of your sales funnel. A truly holistic solution to your company’s digital marketing needs, a few common automation tactics can give you an edge over your competitors and, more importantly, they can help you identify avenues for growth.

Encourage customers to self-identify and opt-in

Before you create any automated processes, you’ll need a customer list to work from. If you already have a customer database, you should be able to easily import it into your marketing automation system. But, even if you have one, you’ll want to give your site’s visitors the ability to join. You’ll also want to give your existing customers opportunities to identify their interests. By gating your content behind short, on-page forms, you can gather valuable information about the products and services that your site’s visitors are interested in. From there, you can use that knowledge to deliver targeted, hyper-personalized content that motivates them to buy.

Build your list by…
    • Delivering instructional PDFs via email after visitors submit a contact form
    • Requiring contact information from visitors to view videos or other content
    • Asking visitors to subscribe to a newsletter with helpful industry tips

Harness the power of smart emails

Once you’ve built your customer list, you’ll want to capitalize on it. With the information you’ve gathered, you can instantly create personalized emails that speak to the interests of your site’s visitors. These highly targeted emails – often called smart emails – are proven to be more effective at converting sales and improving customer satisfaction. Best of all, most lead generation software comes packaged with a collection of time-tested email templates that allow you to swiftly insert your customers’ information, swap out images, and add your company’s unique selling points. As a result, you can leverage your customer list to nurture opportunities, convert leads, and generate sales.

Capitalize on your list by…
    • Creating effective, reusable emails than can be easily personalized
    • Cross-promoting relevant products to an audience with known interest
    • Responding and adapting more quickly to buyer behaviors

Create personalized web experiences

If you’ve been wondering how to generate more leads, you’ve likely already seen websites advising you to create experiences tailored to your customers’ interests and buying habits. With so many sources vying for their attention on the Internet, you can separate yourself by ensuring that your web design provides visitors with extremely relevant, extremely useful content. Marketing automation allows you to adjust your website’s behavior based on established customer interests. If a new customer views a product on your website, you can prominently feature that product during their next visit. Or, if an existing customer has responded to one of your email marketing campaigns, you can encourage them to make a purchase by showcasing the products highlighted in that campaign.

Use personalized experiences to…
    • Connect with prospects by analyzing and responding to their behavior
    • Retain existing customers by engaging in more personal interactions
    • Convert leads into buyers faster by better understanding their needs

Use automated workflows to nurture leads

Workflows are the real core of revenue generation platforms. Allowing you to automate common marketing tasks, they ensure that you’re always staying in touch with your customers. A well-designed workflow will take into account your lead’s interest level, campaign memberships, past purchases, and more. With workflows, you can automatically deliver your personalized content to your customers based on their memberships. From generalized personas to highly specific lists, marketing automation lets you connect with your prospects faster, easier, and more effectively.

Create workflows that…
    • Automatically email customers with pertinent deals and promotions
    • Assign tasks to your sales team to follow up with recent leads
    • Enroll prospects in targetable groups, lists, personas, and campaigns

Optimize your sales funnel with clear analytics

Without reporting, there’s no way to know the effectiveness of your digital marketing efforts. Because of this, most automation platforms are paired with in-depth reporting features. With the ability to visualize analytics that evaluate your company’s sales funnel, compare the close rates of your sales teams, track the performance of your email campaigns, and much more, these reports provide a clear view of what’s working and – more importantly – what’s not. Using the information in your reports, you can adapt your marketing strategies to get better results, generate more qualified leads, and produce a greater return on your investment.

Clear analytics can…
    • Help you optimize your company’s sales process
    • Identify underperforming and unprofitable marketing efforts
    • Refine working strategies and target them at a wider audience

Do you want to generate more leads?

If you’re here, we’re going to assume that you want to know how to generate more leads. Whether you’re a small business looking to establish yourself or a large company hoping to gain a foothold in a new market, automating key elements of your marketing process is the answer. And, while it’s possible to install, configure, and maintain your own software, there’s no substitute for professional assistance. So, if you’ve been hunting for a company that will develop a comprehensive strategy to amplify your online presence, contact us today to learn how we can help.