Our central dashboard helps you manage your company’s reputation, gather constructive feedback, and earn positive Google reviews.

If your company’s online reputation is tarnished, it’s very likely having a negative impact on your marketing activities. Your commitment to product quality, customer service, and fair pricing can all be undermined by one bad review. But, online reviews can also be an invaluable way to reinforce your company’s value. Creative Marketing Group’s reputation management services are designed to enhance – or rehabilitate – your company’s image. We can help you address bad reviews, garner good reviews, and build an online presence that resonates with customers.

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Quickly improve your reviews on Google.

When searching, Google prioritizes the closest relevant business with the highest star rating. Because of this, accumulating five-star Google reviews is a proven way to bring more visitors to your website. But, beyond website traffic, better reviews build trust, instill confidence, and breed loyalty, which is a proven formula for increased sales.

  • Position your company more aggressively in Google’s local pack.
  • Boost search engine rankings by adding testimonials to your site.
  • Appear favorably on the Internet’s most trusted review platform.

Easily monitor customer satisfaction.

With our reputation management software, you can effortlessly track the satisfaction level of your customers. By collecting feedback in a central location, you gain a holistic view of your company’s overall performance. Armed with this information, you can adjust and fine tune the customer experience to attract, entice, and convert more leads.

  • Better understand what your company is doing right and wrong.
  • Gather insight from your customers to improve future experiences.
  • Address bad experiences before they become bad reviews.

Loyal customers do more business.

For most companies, loyal customers represent a large portion of their revenue. With higher lifetime values and lower costs of retention, they are one of your company’s most lucrative assets. By converting more one-time shoppers into loyal customers, you can stabilize your sales, increase your profits, and grow your company.

  • Inspire loyalty to generate positive word-of-mouth advertising.
  • Grow sales by requesting referrals from your top customers.
  • Foster trust to transform casual visitors into return customers.

Is your company being held back by bad Google reviews? Explore the benefits of our reputation management services.