Be Found Online

What’s SEO? Everyone uses this acronym, but what does it mean? It stands for Search Engine Optimization. How often do you go to your search bar and type in what you’re looking for? The results of that search (and likely the links you immediately click near the top) direct you to websites that have been carefully optimized.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an extremely important part of a high performing website. It does no good to build a great website that nobody can find. We can help. We’re specialists in SEO, a process to improve your rankings on the major search engines. A significant portion of your site’s traffic probably comes through search engines, and we can help increase the number and quality of your visitors.

Search Engine Optimization is a set of methods aimed at improving the number and quality of visitors to your website from “organic” (free) search engine listings. Since research shows over 90% of searchers click on these organic listings rather than paid advertising, you need to be listed high on Google’s first page.

Creative Marketing Group has multiple areas of expertise that give you the web presence you need. Included in your build is a full search engine optimization foundation, with additional services available to be added to your project as needed.

Search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.) are scanning the internet for sites with the right words sprinkled throughout their content — whether on homepages, image captions, or even tucked away in the back-end of the content management system. The more optimized your site is, the more likely you’ll come out on top. Literally.

Search Engine Optimization is powerful advertising for your site and is different from SEM or Search Engine Marketing. It requires expertise, experience and a thorough understanding of the goods and services you provide and how potential customers will find your site rather than your competitor’s.

What You Get

  • On-page and meta content updates
  • Page speed and performance issues
  • URL and Information Architecture (IA) review
  • Relevant, branded content for your users
  • Keyword research
  • Competitor analysis
  • On-site optimization
  • Content density and duplication
  • Landing page development
  • Content strategy and planning

Creative Marketing Group has helped several of our clients achieve First Page, Top 10 and even #1 rankings on search engines including Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Look at these incredible results:

We modified this site using just “on-page” SEO modifications.We targeted 35 search phrases, and in just three weeks, our client has:

  • 9 (of 35) Google #1 rankings!
  • 15 (of 35) Google Top-5 rankings!
  • 9 (of 35) Bing #1 rankings!
  • 16 (of 35) Bing Top-5 rankings!

We modified this site using both SEO and inbound linkbuilding campaigns.We targeted 12 search phrases, and in just six weeks, our client is enjoying:

  • 11 (of 12) Google #1 listings!
  • …and the other one is ranked #2!

We modified this site using both SEO and inbound linkbuilding campaigns. For 29 targeted keyword phrases, we now have:

  • 25 (of 29) Google Page 1 listings, including 17 #1 rankings!
  • 21 (of 29) Bing Page 1 listings, including 5 #1 rankings!

We optimized this site using “on-page” SEO work. We targeted 33 search phrases, and in just under one month, our client has leapfrogged their competitors and now dominates the market with:

  • 24 (of 33) Google Page 1 rankings!
  • 18 (of 33) Google Top-5 rankings!
  • 8 (of 33) Google #1 rankings!
  • 27 (of 33) Bing Page 1 rankings!
  • 25 (of 33) Bing Top-5 rankings!
  • 15 (of 33) Bing #1 rankings!