Automate your marketing processes and grow your company by utilizing our powerful, all-in-one revenue growth platform.

As your company grows, it’s a challenge to manage both its big picture tasks and its day-to-day sales activities. To ensure that your customers don’t fall by the wayside, you need a clear process. More importantly, you need tools to facilitate and streamline that process. Marketing automation is a suite of tools designed to generate leads, nurture leads, and convert leads. Our platform alleviates the burden of micromanaging your company’s marketing activities by automating repeatable tasks that deliver personalized, targeted content to your customers.

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Stay in touch with your customers.

As most customers are lost through neglect, it’s critical that you reach out to yours regularly. A simple email can assure them that their business is appreciated and that you’re listening. Our marketing automation system lets you initiate conversations, send personalized messages, and automate campaigns that will keep your customers coming back.

  • Simplify staying in touch with automated email campaigns.
  • Customizable landing pages allow for informative analytics.
  • Centralized social media to sync messages across all platforms.

Collect, classify, and convert more leads.

When it comes to converting leads, your website’s forms are its most important action items. With the ability to add custom fields and link to your sales pipeline, our software’s forms become an extension of your sales process. Even better, our forms autocomplete with known information, which eliminates steps and results in more conversions.

Coordinate efforts to maximize ROI.

Our lead generation platform aims to unify your company’s marketing and sales activities. To bring everything under a single umbrella, we’ve made sure that it integrates with all major content management systems. And, by utilizing a platform-agnostic API, we can seamlessly connect with your company’s current CRM, MIS, ERP, or sales software.

Frequently Asked Questions

Marketing automation is software that assists businesses in the automation of their marketing and sales processes. A collection of tools, the software helps you generate more leads, convert leads into sales, and turn one-time sales into long-term customers. Using an automation platform ensures that you are regularly engaging with your customers and, more importantly, positioning your business as the solution they need.

Lead generation, marketing automation, and revenue growth are all terms used to describe a set of tools that help you optimize your sales process. Our lead generation software includes tools to aid in the development of customized mass emails, landing pages, customer personas, customer lists, lead scoring systems, sales pipelines, automated workflows, content calendars, employee tasks, and much, much more.

In short, marketing automation is used for three things: identifying customers, automating marketing tasks, and moving customers along your sales funnel. Our platform uses tracking codes to identify potential customers and enhance their online experience. From there, it automatically targets them with marketing efforts that are customized to their individual needs. And, finally, it uses proven content marketing techniques to close the sale and re-engage them. To learn more, we’ve written several blogs that discuss how to generate more leads using marketing automation.

As the Internet grows and becomes more impersonal, crafting hyper-personalized, relationship-focused communications becomes increasingly important. With marketing automation, your social media profiles, website content, email marketing campaigns, and other communications can be synchronized to deliver relevant, personal content to your customers. Better yet, this process can be automated to allow your team to focus on what’s important: sales.

If you’re considering marketing automation, you’re probably already aware of what you need. But, if not, there are a few signs that your company is in need of an automation or lead generation platform. Is your team having trouble identifying quality leads? Do your marketing efforts feel disjointed or undirected? Do you need help converting your leads into sales? Are you worried that your marketing spend isn’t being optimized? Asking these questions, or reaching out to us for a free demo, may help you determine if automation can help your business grow.

At Creative Marketing Group, we strongly encourage our clients to enroll in a support plan with their revenue generation system. While it is entirely possible to manage the system on your own, most companies will benefit from professional assistance. Whether you need help drafting effective email campaigns, building out workflows, managing customer lists, or defining pipeline stages, we offer a range of support plans to fit the needs and budget of your company.

No matter the size of your business, you can benefit from marketing automation. Just like large businesses, small business owners often find themselves overwhelmed. Marketing automation offloads the bulk of your digital marketing strategy to a system that delivers highly personal, highly effective content to your customers on a regular basis.