We offer industry-leading responsive website design and development services that shape the way people experience brands.

Our mobile responsive web design services combine clean visual elements with intuitive user interfaces to engage users and drive results. We leverage cutting-edge design techniques and technical expertise to establish the best possible online presence for your company. Every responsive web design that we create is mobile-friendly, search engine optimized, secure and easy-to-maintain.

Website Design

Quality web design in Kalamazoo and Portage is one of the primary services of Creative Marketing Group. Our Southwest Michigan-based firm saw the need for the right websites for the right businesses.

We approach each website development on an individual basis, keeping your goals, your customers and your design preferences top of mind. Website design is never a “one size fits all” approach.

To accomplish this, we spend time understanding your organization, what’s working and what isn’t. If you have an existing website, we’ll review it to determine how to bring you better user engagement and more quality traffic. If you don’t yet have a site, we can help you find the perfect domain name and determine the best way to showcase your business on the internet.

Our website designs are clean, responsive and search engine optimized. Interactivity is the key to successful web builds and that’s how we approach every step.

User Experience and User Interface Design ensure that people love your site

UX refers to User Experience Design, and is one of the strongest elements to a successful website. In order for a book to tell the right story and keep readers engaged, the plot is crucial and the UX of your website is basically the plot. It’s about the experience (heck, it’s in the name!) and predicting what will make users enjoy your site and extend their session durations.

Usability can make or break a website and CMG knows how to enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty by improving ease of use of your site and creating a positive interaction between the user and your message. We understand a website should have purpose, be usable, be of interest to the visitor, easily findable and accessible, and maintain credibility.

Once your plot is established and your story is written, your story needs an attractive design that make people want to read it. This is where UI comes into play. I think we all remember websites back when they started: loud colors, lots of animation, odd font choices. They’ve come a long way since those times and designs have gotten a lot cleaner. Websites need functionality, too, such as form submissions, chat options, estimating platforms, and donation acceptance. If these functionalities aren’t easy to use or not visually appealing, chances are, visitors will leave your site without engaging.

Our designers take the time to think like a site user and know what will lead to the best interface and experience.

Web Content Production — Because Words Matter

Web content can be broken down into additional types and purposes. This can affect the project scope and approach and we handle the strategy to each accordingly.

Types of web content production projects can include:

Landing Pages

Landing pages include content typically found on “about us,” “services,” and the home page. These will typically have very strong calls to action (including proper use of SEO keywords you’re looking to target for your site.) The intention of landing pages is to get those simply just browsing your site to convert and act on the embedded calls to action. Landing page content will usually run around 250-500 words (which is usually determined by the site design and whether it’s minimal or more robust). Landing pages are typically quite challenging to write as getting a visitor to convert means getting them engaged in what they’re reading, and interested enough to read through to the next steps.

Blog Posts

SEO-Rich Blog Posts. These are typically used for SEO purposes as the name implies. Rife with SEO terms, used carefully and uniquely, they help drive traffic and help support your social media campaigns. Blog posts can sometimes drive sales just as well as landing page content can, without having strong calls to action. It’s about what the content inspires people to do when they’ve read it. Which is why finding a quality content writer is your key to success.

In-Depth Posts and Articles

In depth blog posts and articles. Similar to the above, these are longer and more in-depth pieces often used on internal pages of sites to further build SEO and encourage longer site sessions. Additionally, well written pieces can lead to this type of article going viral and receiving additional coverage and re-posting. And re-posting leads to backlinks, which leads to more site traffic.

The Little Things

The seemingly little things, like page titles, menus, contact forms, etc. can sometimes be enhanced by good content writing. If you want your visitors to actually fill out a contact form, you have to encourage them and enhance the call to action. Additionally, product descriptions can be included in this category as well. A catchy product description can be the difference between someone purchasing and someone passing it over.

We can write all of the above, and more with the right tone and proper branding. Contact us today to find out what our web content specialists can craft for you.