Get the most from your digital marketing efforts with hyper-personalized email blasts, drip campaigns, newsletters, and more.

Without a proper digital marketing strategy in place, it can be difficult to get your company in front of the right audience. At its core, email marketing is about finding the right time, the right place, and the right people. Allowing you to target your communications, you can finely tune your emails to speak directly – and effectively – to your chosen audience. By writing engaging content, drafting well-designed emails, and delivering them to highly curated lists, the team at Creative Marketing Group can better position your company and help you capture more leads.

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Targeted campaigns offer unmatched ROI.

As an essential part of your digital marketing strategy, email marketing is capable of delivering an extremely high return on investment. When properly targeted, it allows you to speak directly to your most lucrative prospects. And, with personalized content, you can say exactly what those prospects need to hear to become customers.

  • Identify and reach your company’s most profitable segments.
  • Re-engage lost customers with focused drip campaigns.
  • Foster ongoing conversations with marketing automation.

Content that connects with customers.

Email marketing offers a unique opportunity to deliver high-quality, customized content to your potential customers. While most marketing methods rely on transmitting generalized messages to your audience, email campaigns afford you the opportunity to deliver personalized content, coupon codes, date-specific advertising, and more.

  • Email campaigns tailored to the expectations of your customers.
  • Custom templates that perfectly match your website design.
  • Experienced in most industries, we handle all content creation.

Nurture prospects and convert leads.

When you want to convert your company’s prospects into qualified leads, email marketing campaigns are an incredibly effective tactic. Whether you’re looking to eke more business out of your existing customers or you’d like to expand into new market segments, well-crafted newsletters and email blasts can achieve the results you want.

  • Obtain new customers with email prospecting campaigns.
  • Employ drip marketing to persuade indecisive customers.
  • Engage in regular communications to keep existing customers.

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