Cohesive Branding Part 2: Crafting a Consistent Message

A large part of the branding process is deciding on a message and staying consistent with that message. A message includes not only the actual verbiage you use to describe your company and your products/services, but the tone and style of that message. Is your company conservative and traditional? Stay away from slang. Is your company young and cutting edge? Make sure your brand voice reflects that.

Whether you're writing content for your website, a promotional piece, or social media, your writing style should be consistent across all platforms. Here are some tips to achieve a consistent message:

1. Create a strong brand. Your brand needs to be clear cut and clearly communicated to employees. Make sure everyone on staff knows what you stand for and what your unique values are. If employees don't fully understand your brand, the message disseminated to your audience will miss its mark.

2. Make sure everyone creating content is on board with the brand message. Each writer will have their own voice, of course, but the overall tone needs to be consistent. You don't want one writer waxing eloquent about your cultured, sophisticated and elegant clothing line, while another writes "Fleek threads!" 

3. Identify your target market. Knowing who is on the receiving end of your message helps determine your word usage, writing level and other factors, such as the appropriateness of devices like humor.  The tone and style of a message to investment bankers will be dramatically different from that of a message to craft beer connoisseurs.

4. Develop a few key messages to use in your communications. Make them simple, clear and memorable — don't try to cram too many ideas into each message. If you're marketing an upcoming event, don't also talk about a new product and highlight a service you're offering; stay focused on the event.

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