Balancing Traditional and Digital Marketing Efforts

Traditional and Digital Marketing

Traditional and digital marketing are not mutually exclusive. Smart marketers know that you need both to reach potential customers.

The trick lies in finding the proper mix. Is this a short push to raise awareness of a new product, or are you in for the long-haul of brand building?

Many companies that relied on only traditional advertising methods (TV, radio, print and the like) have found that they can’t capture the attention of digital savvy consumers and are taking steps to expand their online presence. But there are others that are heavily seated in Adwords and social media campaigns that get potential customers to their websites but don’t see a high conversion rate.

The great thing about digital marketing is being able to hone in on a specific audience without wasting ad dollars. But if you are trying to build a brand you need to raise more general awareness and cast your net more widely.

But for those thinking long-term, building up a strategy for a year to see effects afterward, I recommend timing campaigns with precision, such as pushing only brand awareness activity for a while, and then switching to acquisition-focused activity. If your strategy is well-planned, you can achieve all your KPIs at once.

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