Cohesive Branding Part 1: Logo Design

Your corporate brand begins with your logo. A strong logo design is the foundation for all of your marketing efforts. An effective logo incorporates these 5 elements of good design:

1. Simple

Consumers should be able to glance at your logo and easily describe it. Too much detail will complicate your logo and make it difficult to reproduce across various platforms.


FedEx Logo Design


Complicated Logo Example
2. Timeless

Your logo should ignore trends and fads. Will your logo still be relevant next year? In five years?


Coca Cola timeless logo


Logo Trends and Fads
3. Memorable

The best logos are memorable. They make an impression on the viewer and communicate your brand. Your logo sets the tone for how your business will be perceived by potential customers.


Nike Swoosh Brand Mark


Design a powerful logo
4. Versatile

A great logo can be reproduced at different sizes and across different mediums and still be recognizable. You may want to create both vertical and horizontal versions of your logo along with an icon or mark version to use for Facebook and Twitter platforms. A stacked, centered layout works well on labels and signage, but a horizontal layout may be best in the header of a website, in a banner ad, or on the spine of a printed brief or annual report.


Johns Hopkins logo brand Johns Hopkins logo versatility


Kalamazoo Logo Design
5. Appropriate

Make sure your logo is appropriate for your business. A law firm shouldn’t represent itself with the font Comic Sans. A daycare center logo should be stiff and formal. Look at your logo objectively. Make sure there aren’t any unintentional negative connotations. Look carefully at the Safe Place logo below.


Target Logo: Appropriate Branding


Logo Design Caveats

As you can see, there is a great deal of planning and thought that goes into creating a brand. Need advice on branding? Contact us today to see how Creative Marketing Group can help with your logo project.

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