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Web Design Michigan

Website Design in Michigan (Kalamazoo and Portage)

Quality web design is one of the primary services of both of our original companies, Creative Group (in Kalamazoo, MI) and Wow Web Works (in Portage, MI). Both of these Southwest Michigan-based firms saw the need for the right websites for the right businesses.

Website development should be approached on an individual, unique basis in order to understand the end goal(s) and purpose(s). We know that the best website design has a series of imperative bullet points and key components that are necessary for success.

The initial stages of conceptualizing in a collaborative way require ongoing communication and discovery meetings, during which we pay close attention to your requests and aesthetic preferences.

Additionally, we spend time understanding your organization, what’s working and what isn’t. If you have an existing website, we’ll review it to determine how to bring you better user engagement and more quality traffic. If you don't yet have a site, we can help you find a domain and determine the best way to showcase your business on the internet.

Our website designs are clean, responsive and search engine optimized on all levels. Interactivity is the key to successful web builds and that’s how we approach every step.

From there we begin the true planning phase, where we identify what layout, colors, text/fonts, site structure, imagery and more with which to build your site. Our advanced UI/UX approach comes strongly into play during this process. Our planning will allow us to speak to your market and demographic with the site we deliver at the close of the project. For example, if you’re looking to gather leads from your website, we’ll use multiple calls-to-action that can include form submissions, requests for estimates, direct email correspondence and a variety of other methods of communication with potential customers/clients.

If you’re seeking to highlight a certain group of products, we’ll do so in a way that their quality and impact are easily recognized and appealing to site visitors.

Is your staff the key to your company’s success and interactions? We’ll establish the right way to make them a part of the website and put faces to names for every bit of traffic that reaches your site, potentially even featuring videos and chat opportunities with your appropriate staff member(s).