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Drone Video Services

The best Videography and Drone Video in the area

Video, especially the perspective that drone video can give, makes a huge difference in telling your story. As new offerings come on to the digital and marketing scene, it’s important for businesses to keep up. Social media channels have modified algorithms to give precedence to video, more and more websites are utilizing videography throughout their content and drone imagery burst onto the the scene full bore.

Video takes the right equipment and understanding of editing and drone services require the proper licensing, as it’s a tightly regulated industry.

CMG has the connections and the partnerships with those who are experts in these fields. Our videographers have done everything from weddings, to real estate shoots and virtual tours. And our drone operators are completely licensed, follow all FAA regulations and get some amazing imagery that can be used on websites, tv ads and more.

We know how to tell the right story with the right video and we can write the scripts for them as well. We’ll go on shoots with our partners to give the proper direction and get the shots we want and that you need.