Press Release Creation

Press Release

Get your story told through a Press Release

Press releases are considered news stories, and the intention is to pique the interest of media and journalists to get the full story. Ideally getting your press releases published will not only bring visibility to what you’re presenting, but also encourage additional media contacts to pursue a longer news article, television coverage or web feature.  In order to have a press release published, a certain format and formula is required.

A press release is typically 350-450 words, three or four short paragraphs with one to two quotes from parties associated with the content. This sounds simple, but it can be a challenging task if you’re not in practice of following these guidelines.

CMG understands the media market, and has created press releases for all types of Michigan businesses (and beyond). Whether it’s staff changes, location updates or a new initiative being implemented, we write them and get them distributed to all the necessary outlets in order to get your business the visibility it needs. We can also manage the media correspondence that results from your published press releases.

Some businesses have a need for a large number of press releases, depending on the changes their business may have over time. If you’re looking for consultation services to help train your staff in press release writing, media submission and follow up to reporters and agencies who wish to pursue the coverage further, we offer that as well. Our consultants will take the time to optimize your work to ensure the outcome you were projecting.