Marketing Plans

Business Marketing Plans

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Marketing plans are your blueprint to outreach and acquiring new customers as well as finding the sweet spot of mind share in your industry, whether it's in Michigan or the entire world.

They will typically include a full description of the marketing intentions, target market and a description of the channel and marketing mix that a business will use to achieve their overall goals.

Generally, a marketing plan will support the overall business plan and help to optimize capability of achieving the goals set. A marketing plan requires proper analysis of all channels that can be used for marketing strategy and promotions. Ideally a review of month over month and year over year will glean the largest amount of data for analysis and planning. This can take time, staffing and proper understanding of drawing insights from this data.

The key elements of a marketing plan are all topics we know well and can incorporate for you. This includes: market research, identifying your target market, competitive analysis, strategy, metrics and the big one - BUDGET.

Look at it this way, if your shoes don't fit, life can be very uncomfortable. Not to mention buying the wrong size can mean you're out money. Additionally, the right type of shoe for each activity is usually pretty important. You wouldn't wear dress shoes to go running, and you likely wouldn't wear sneakers with formal attire. We look at our marketing plans the same. The right fit, for the right price within your budget so your plan fits and has longevity. As well as the right marketing choices for your goals and intentions.

We look at what your business needs are and we craft the appropriate plan from there. From as simple as a social media plan to cover one campaign to a full fledged managed marketing service for you, we find the right fit and the right style for you.