Copywriting and Editing


Let Us Tell Your Story With Great Copywriting

Copywriting can have a lot of different meanings and purposes. Creative Marketing Group has been writing all types of copy for 30 years in Southwest Michigan. On a digital realm, copy is what drives SEO, which means higher search rankings, increased site traffic and more inquiries. We write for what customers are looking for, even the unusual terms and layman’s terms. We know sometimes those insider phrases, etc. can be enough to stump any customer. Our staff takes diligent care in making your content easy to read and geared toward your branding and business mindset.

Copywriting is also needed for print pieces, media (tv and radio commercials need scripts!), press releases, technical documents and more. Our writers take the time to research your target and existing audiences, as well as reviewing the current tone in your branding guides and communications.

Other purposes of copywriting can include the following:

  • Blog posts, which can obviously vary from client to client depending on  topic, subject matter and website focus.
  • White papers. Informative, educational documents that explore problems and solutions. Typically these tie the product or services the business sells, to the overall solution presented. However, the majority has to remain objective and without overselling.
  • Emails. Emails are one of those marketing efforts we all know tend to be deleted, but it’s that click and open rate we’re after. Content for emails needs to be interesting, catchy and short enough to not lose your audience without getting to the heart of the message. Writing email campaigns can take an experienced copywriter who understands how to speak to each audience.
  • Social media posts. It may be easy for your to write your own personal social posts, because that’s what you know and you’re aware of who your connections are. But writing social media content for businesses can often mean being more than pithy and viral. It’s understanding what message you’re sending and for whom you’re posting.
  • Case studies. Short articles that explain how a company helped its customers. Case studies often have a formulaic structure but a good copywriter can find the story inside it.
  • Industry reports. Sometimes we have to get a bit heavy and write some hardcore reports based on real research that illuminates or expands upon a certain issue, industry or trend.

A good copywriter knows that writing means research, editing, proofreading, project management and proper image sourcing as well as overall implementation. CMG has this in our copywriting staff as well as decades of experience doing so.