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When you work with Creative Marketing Group, you’re gaining a partner that is invested in the success of your business. With our digital marketing specialists managing your presence on the Internet, you can rest assured that your company’s online future is in good hands. We have decades of combined experience, a suite of tools designed to produce results, and – above all else – a genuine interest in seeing our clients succeed. Together, we have…

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How to Get Found Online for Your Company’s Keywords

Any company wondering how to get found online has probably done their research. But, with so many guides and how-to manuals floating around the Internet, how are they to know if the advice they’ve received is any good? Well, the best way to be certain is to seek out a reputable source. With a team…

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5 Ways to Reduce Your Web Design Cost

As a general rule, web design cost is determined by several factors. The final price can be influenced by the number of pages wanted, whether or not content is provided, what features are included, and more. And, just like other major business expenses, companies are often looking for advice on how to keep costs down.…

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How Often Do I Need a Website Redesign?

When we talk with our clients about the age of their sites, a lot of them ask us how often they should consider a website redesign. And, while the answer can vary slightly, a fairly established rule of thumb states that a site should be rebuilt every two to three years. Unfortunately, there are a…

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