UX/UI Design

User Experience and User Interface Design (UX/UI)

User Experience and User Interface Design ensure that people love your site

UX refers to User Experience Design, and is one of the strongest elements to a successful website. In order for a book to tell the right story and keep readers engaged, the plot is crucial. And as we mentioned, the UX of your website is basically the plot. It’s about the experience (heck, it’s in the name!) and predicting what will make users enjoy your site and extend their session durations.

Usability can make or break a website and CMG knows how to enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty by improving ease of use of your site. As well as offering the most positive interaction between a customer and your message. The planning process we put into approaching UX includes identifying a series of requirements that will come together for an overall cohesive website. We know a website should have purpose, be usable, be of interest to the visitor, easily findable and accessible, and maintain credibility.

Once your plot is established and your story is written, your story needs a cover and a font and all the parts that make it a book people will read. This is where UI comes into play. I think we all remember websites back when they started. Loud colors, lots of animation, odd font choices. They’ve come a long way since those times and designs have gotten a lot cleaner. Websites need more capabilities, too, such as form submissions, chat options, estimating platforms, donation acceptance and that just to name a few. If these functionalities aren’t easy to use or not visually appealing, chances are, visitors will leave your site without engaging.

Proper UI means making your site as easy to use as possible and as visually appealing as it can be. Being picky about fonts, colors and menu locations are what can set apart the great designers from the good ones. Our designers take the time to think like a site user and know what will lead to the best interface and experience. This includes checkboxes, radio buttons, dropdown lists, sliders, search fields, message boxes and all other aspects.