Web development is a broad term for what goes into building a site. This can include UI/UX, the content management systems, content, SEO and more. But primarily it focuses on writing the coding that runs the behind the scenes aspects. Our approach to web development involves interaction with you to learn your needs, program accordingly and support you after launch.


Web development begins with a planning phase. This phase is crucial as the decisions made here determine the course of the project. We start with an overall analysis of project scope and end goals, including data analysis of the existing site (if applicable).

What comes out of the planning phase will be the project plan, including the early stage of the site map, project assignments, action items for the client and understanding of what software and modules will be used along the way. This is when the team is able to move on to the design phase.


The design phase is where the site really starts to come to fruition. A whole gamut of techniques and skills are involved in creating a polished, professional web page design. Elements such as colors, fonts, structure, imagery, interactive features, and graphics are decided. The ease of use of each page, as well as the site as a whole, is examined and tested. Our team focuses on maintaining an appropriate balance of the different elements to ensure consistency and integrity of the design.


As our clients approve our vision for their site, our developers are able to move ahead with the development phase: coding, html, and building out the components that go into the UI. The development process has picked up steam once it’s in this phase.

Content is placed, forms are programmed, and the menus are built out. During this portion of the process, ongoing testing is in place to ensure that the final product is launched seamlessly and without hiccups. This will include browser checks (to make sure that no matter where the site is accessed, it’s functional and aesthetically pleasing) as well as UI reviews by staff and outside parties. When the site is ready, it’s reviewed with the client to finalize any last-minute details.


And then we launch! Launch day is always an exciting day around CMG. But our work doesn’t stop at launch. We keep monitoring the site to ensure load time is optimal, functionality is continuing to be perfect and traffic analysis is showing a positive return on our client’s investment with us.