Email Newsletter Design

Email Newsletter Design - Emails That Get Opened

Email newsletters can sometimes be classified as spam or junk mail, but they do have validity in the digital age. Here at Creative Marketing Group, we know the key is to create emails that are engaging and have high open and click rates. Emails are powerful tools to optimize your marketing efforts and can feature many different calls to action. Emails can remind your customers of your business, allowing for optimal brand presence. Additionally they can let your users know about your products, your upcoming events and if done right, help you build a relationship with them.

CMG approaches emails with the understanding that identity matters and ultimately, you want people to read what you’re sending. This means content they want to click on and imagery that’s eye-catching. Additionally we combine our data analysis and reporting with understanding of what the right frequency is for your sends.

This all starts with design. In the digital age, an even prior, humans are visual. Our senses are valuable and sight is typically first impression. Everything around us assaults our senses and introduces us to new ideas, sensations and experiences. The human attention span has declined from 12 seconds to only eight in the last decade. All of these factors combined tell us that catching readers immediately is crucial to their response and continued reading of what we’re sending them.

Having served many local Southwest Michigan businesses, as well as surrounding Midwest businesses, we know many industries and how to speak to all customers. We can create appealing emails that your customers will open and click every time.