Opus Grant

Marketing and web design grant application for southwest Michigan non-profits

Apply for a $10,000 services grant from Creative Marketing Group

Understanding that non-profits often struggle to inexpensively get the word out about their initiatives is driving this award. The Opus Grant was created with the intention of assisting with outreach, digital and branding presence and donation campaigns for non-profits allowing funds to remain earmarked directly for their cause.

The Opus Grant is a $10,000 award that can be used for a full package of marketing services with Creative Marketing Group. Covering rebranding, brochures, stationary, style guide, website, advertising materials and more, this gives you the momentum for enhanced market presence, which in turn furthers the cause you’re focusing on.

Who:  Qualifying organizations include those who are locally based, and locally focused who have a direct impact on a significant portion of the population. The organization’s brand may not be managed or dictated by a national organization.  

What: A $10,000 grant that can be used for a full package of marketing services with Creative Marketing Group. This award can be used toward rebranding, brochures, stationary, style guide, website, advertising materials and more.

When: Once a year, awarded by January 15. Application deadline is December 14th. 

Where: Kalamazoo, Michigan

Why:  Allegra CMG is interested in helping the needy in our regional population, and we look for organizations that are servicing legitimate and measurable needs of specific groups including (but not limited to) underprivileged children, elderly, handicapped, homeless, hungry, poor, or otherwise underserved populations.

The fine print: Grant does not apply to costs of print, promotional, or signage materials. Advertising costs with 3rd party publishers are not included. Web software modules, hosting, email, domains, or SSLs are also additional.

Details: 1 winner per year. Must be a qualified 501(c)(3) located in one of the following counties: Allegan, Barry, Berrien, Branch, Cass, Calhoun, Kalamazoo, Kent, St. Joseph, Branch.  Award cannot be used to offset any balances due to Allegra or CMG.

Award will be determined on the following factors regarding the current state of the organization's brand. Fill out the form below to apply.

Marketing Services Grant for Southwest Michigan

Additional Details:

This grant review process will include interview(s) by two or more committee members. Final interviews could be conducted with the entire committee and could be upwards of an hour. Please ensure if applying you’ll be available for these interviews and will be prepared with additional information about how this grant can assist your organization. The interviews will take place in Kalamazoo, Michigan.