How often should you consider a website redesign?

Let’s face it. Websites don’t last forever. They get old and become dated. Design trends change and technology moves ever onward (sometimes at amazing speeds). It might just be time for a website redesign.

Websites don’t last forever

Responsive Website Redesign

Is it time for a website redesign?

Don’t let an old website give the wrong impression of your business. If it has been over six years since you’ve had your website redesigned, it’s time to seriously consider an update.

Here’s a short list of items to consider when deciding if it is time to redesign your site now:

  • Is it responsive (Does it display well in phones, tablets and desktop computers)? If it isn’t, or if it has a special site version for phones (, it is time for a website redesign.
  • Does it use outdated technology like Flash? Flash is retired and represents a huge security issue. Get a new one.
  • Does it display some of your content as PDF’s? Then it’s time for a new site.
  • Is it in a boxed layout or does it use the whole screen? Design trends have been going away from the boxy look for some time now.
  • Does it use Schema mark-up? It should so that the website communicates well with search engines.

Most importantly, is your site accomplishing its goals? Does it further your business objectives? If not, it’s time to create a site that actually does something for your business besides just giving you credibility with internet users.

At Wow Web Works, we take pride in creating sites that help your business. We’d love to talk to you about how we can partner with your company and bring your services to your digital market.

Set up an appointment today. We will be happy to provide a free estimate on your website redesign. Just click here to get in touch.



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