Build Your Online Reputation

How often have you been searching for a local product or service and, bombarded with options, have resorted to using online reviews to make your decision? More and more, people are relying on Google, Facebook, Yelp, and other review sites to determine the businesses that they want to work with. In fact, over 90% of customers attribute their buying decisions to online reviews.

When you work to build a positive presence on these digital platforms, you aren’t just positioning yourself ahead of your competitors, you’re increasing your brand awareness, building goodwill in the online community, and lowering your customer acquisition costs. At Allegra, we can help you identify your most loyal customers and prequalify your online reviews. By employing customer surveys, in-depth analytics, and traditional email marketing strategies, we can ensure that you maintain a sterling online reputation.

How Do Reviews Help?

Build your reputation. One bad experience or one bad review can damage the image you’ve been building for years. Preserve your reputation by curating and qualifying your online reviews.

Improve your search rankings. As one of the leading factors in local search rankings, a steady stream of positive online reviews can help to position you above your competitors.

Understand your customers. Helping you stay in touch with what your customers expect, reviews can help you retool your processes to create better, more memorable experiences.

Develop trust and loyalty. Customers want to work with businesses that they trust. Positive online reviews have been shown to boost customer trust, interactions, and long-term loyalty.

Increase sales and profits. Since positive reviews attract more customers to your website, they naturally give you the ability to increase your sales by converting that traffic into sales.

What Is LoyaltyLoop and How Can It Help?

LoyaltyLoop is an easy, affordable way to gather feedback from your customers and turn that feedback into five-star reviews. With minimal setup and a simple, web-based interface, you can quickly send out performance surveys and evaluate your customers’ experiences, which will allow you to deliver better service, encourage Google reviews, and – most importantly – increase your sales.