AZO – Kalamazoo/Battle Creek International Airport

Kalamazoo/Battle Creek International Airport

Administrators from the Kalamazoo/Battle Creek International Airport (AZO) approached Creative Marketing Group after deciding that they needed to update their site with a new, streamlined look.

Improved Usability

The airport came to CMG after a digital marketing class at Western Michigan University conducted a study on AZO's website to determine what resources were being used and what pages were underutilized.

Working with the data provided to us we were able to identify several areas of the AZO website that could better serve travelers and potential travelers alike.

The new AZO website puts the most commonly visited pages within easy access on the homepage, which reduces the digging travelers had to deal with on the previous site.

Performance Upgrade

One issue we wanted to address with the AZO site was to decrease its download time. The original site was loading in about 7 seconds with a page size of just under four megabytes.

AZO Website Performance OLD SITE

We were able to improve the site's performance quite a bit. It now loads in under two seconds and has a page size well under two megabytes. 

AZO Website Performance - Creative Marketing Group

Customized Cost Calculator

One marketing challenge that was identified for the airport was the perceived cost differences between competing airports.

This issue was addressed through the development of a custom cost calculator that shows the actual costs when you account for driving time, gas cost, parking expenses and tolls.

The tool allows users to input the ticket prices they find through the different airports and then shows the actual cost of travel.

See it in action: AZO Cost Calculator

Cost Calculator for AZO Website

You can see the AZO site in action here:


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